The creative minds behind Afromats are proud to present the first-ever range of vinyl record slipmats that sets art from around the world, directly on your turntables.


Lovingly hand-made from premium polyester felt, these elegant yet durable designs are perfect for your record player; when you slip your Afromats over the player and set it to spin, you can

see and hear the difference it makes.


Our felt slipmats are favoured by DJs across the world, because they allow the record to be stopped, scratched, spun and seamlessly cued – all without damaging the delicate audio quality of your vinyl. Indeed, for any music lover who seeks the truest sound from their record collection, a slipmat is a must-have; an audio necessity.


Enjoy your Afromats while you thread together the tightest mix in the club, or simply let your favourite records play out in the comfort of your own home; all upon a piece of art, and truly built to last.


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