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Collaborating with artists from around the globe,

creating beautiful Slipmat Art

An exclusive range of slipmat designs from artists,

commissioned by Afromats


Lisbon, Portugal

Ivo Rodrigues is a multimedia graphics artist based in Portugal. His work is particularly creative as he often combines his professional photography skills with interesting digital vectorial images.

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Ivo Rodrigues instagram


London, England

Matt Mooks mandalas represent a place of calmness and colour. 


Taking influences from nature and geometry as well as the countless countries and cultures he has visited throughout the world, Matt constructs his art using 100% hand-drawn methods with no digital input. 

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Matt Mooks Instagram


Accra, Ghana

Edward Ofosu was born in Ghana, West Africa. He paints rich, textural portraits that capture the individuality of his subjects in striking colour. 


An entirely self-taught artist, Edward has participated in a huge number of group exhibitions and art programs throughout the UK, and at a highly-distinguished level. 

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Edward Ofosu instagram

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