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Royal Blue Kente is a beautifully designed slipmat that when displayed on your turntable, protrudes pure quality.


The word KENTE originates from Ghana, West Africa and is a woven cloth that was worn by royalty; there are many different patterns now worn by people from all over the world, mainly for special occasions. The Kente patterns are inspired by the weaving patterns of a spider called Kwaku Ananse, who is an important character in Ghanaian mythology.


Like the Kente cloth itself, use this special slipmat when you're spinning tunes on those very special gigs and events for all eyes to see, or simply lay the Royal Blue Kente slipmat on your turntable in the comfort of your home, adding that element of style and meaning to your living room decor.



Blue: Peacefulness, togetherness, patience, wisdom, good fortune, love & harmony

Green: Earth, life, growth, good health, harvesting, planting, crops, spiritual growth/renewal

Maroon/brown: Mother earth, healing & protection

White: Peace, pureness, innocence, spiritual purification, cleansing

Yellow: Richness, royalty, prosperity, precious, glorious, fertility, wealth


Royal Blue Kente, designed by Afromats is a 12" vinyl record slipmat handmade from 16 oz compressed premium polyester felt.

12" vinyl record slipmat ROYAL BLUE KENTE

  • Suitable for professional DJ's, record shops, recording studios, vinyl record collectors, art collectors and cool record player owners.

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