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Batida - 'UM' Slipmat - ***Limited Edition***

"UM” stands for 1 in Portuguese and as in “HMM”, an Angolan sound to start many words in Umbundu language, the most used in Huambo, the city where I was born. This record fits between my debut on Soundway and “Dois” because there were a few lost versions and unreleased remixes as well as a new one that I wanted to have available in just one album, here at home on Soundway. The new one it´s called “Do The Right Thing!”. Yes a Spike Lee reference to how some things still sound way too actual. It also features a sample from an all time favorite band from Lisbon: The Spaceboys. The artwork was a collab work done with a photo of a mask I did and made part of my live shows and the classic logo by the wonderful Lewis H." 

Batida - 'UM' slipmat

  • Batida - 'UM' slipmat

    12" vinyl record slipmat handmade from 16 oz compressed premium polyester felt.

    This is a limited edition.

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