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'Limited edition' 12" vinyl record slipmat, exclusively designed by the multimedia graphics artist, Ivo Rodrigues.


Ivo Rodrigues is a multimedia graphics artist based in Portugal. His work is particularly creative as he often combines his professional photography skills with interesting digital vectorial images.


Ivo explains his approach to designing his 'Art on a Slip' range of slipmats for Afromats...

"Initially, I thought of creating a genre of animation through the circular movements of slipmats (a technique known as 'Phenakistiscope').  Not getting the results that I wanted, I decided to start at the very beginning...' In the beginning, was the word, and so it was', with the intention of combining a couple of slipmats through the artwork (an idea discussed with Afromats). I started from the word 'Afromats' and took the initials of the two words that made A + M...from there,  I played with the graphics.


It is a clear reference to the brand through a minimalistic composition from the initials of the words 'Afro' and 'Mats'. Through my very personal perspective, it is the idea of the rise of African culture through its music or the feeling of ascension you get by listening to its sounds"

more info about Ivo Rodrigues

Ivo Rodrigues Instagram



All Afromats slipmats are industry standard and are handmade from 16 oz compressed premium polyester felt.



Art on a Slip - 'A' SLIPMAT - By Ivo Rodrigues

  • *** LIMITED EDITION *** Suitable for professional DJ's, record shops, recording studios, vinyl record collectors, art collectors and cool record player owners.

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