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'Limited design' 12" vinyl record slipmat, exclusively designed by Geometric artist, Matt Mooks.


Drawing mandalas to represent a place of calmness and colour. 


Taking influences from nature and geometry aswell as the countless countries and cultures I've visited throughout the world, I construct my art Using 100% hand drawn methods with no digital imput. 


Using 5 tools,  a compus, ruler, pencil, pen and rubber I compose my mandalas on paper, first with pencil then line with pens and ink adding shapes with others to create a flow of my work. 


The purpose I see in my art is for the viewer to get lost for those two minutes,  question my methods of construction, see the details, to hopefully land in a place of perfect symmetry and wholeness. The mandala to me represents the artists soul and personality, and I hope from my work you can see my heritage and character. 


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All Afromats slipmats are industry standard and are handmade from 16 oz compressed premium polyester felt.


Art on a Slip - MANDALA 1 - By Matt Mooks

  • *** LIMITED EDITION *** Suitable for professional DJ's, record shops, recording studios, vinyl record collectors, art collectors and cool record player owners.

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