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'Limited edition' 12" vinyl record slipmat, exclusively designed by Ghanaian artist, Edward Ofosu.


Edward Ofosu is a Ghanaian artist who paints rich textural portraits that captures the individuality of his subjects in striking colour. Despite being an entirely self-taught artist, Edward has participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions and art programs worldwide, at a highly-distinguished level. This includes; the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year (2014 & 2017), The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait (2015 & 2017), The Royal Society of Portrait Painters (2009), and a prize-winning portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. Edward has also lead iPad Art workshops at the Apple Store in Covent Garden, The V&A Museum, The Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace and various other venues. For those who do not yet know, Edward Ofosu is a renowned and well-established artist with works held in private collections across the UK, Europe and Africa.


Togetherness is a visually striking piece of artwork with thought and meaning and a burst of interesting colours. Edward describes his approach to his artwork in his own words...


"From an early age I showed a keen interest in art, which was influenced by my mother who was then a handicraft teacher. I did start painting on my own since 1997 and art has become part of my daily life. I do enjoy painting potraits and abstracts. My abstracts are from memory free from any idea, and what I produce must be art or must respond in any way or any standard. As a painter I feel a responsibility to bring the public to a greater conciousness of the relation between art and life. Also, to raise the awareness of self or the undercurrent within each and everyone through my work"

more info about Edward Ofosu

Edward Ofosu Instagram


All Afromats slipmats are industry standard and are handmade from 16 oz compressed premium polyester felt.


Art on a Slip - TOGETHERNESS - By Edward Ofosu

  • *** LIMITED EDITION *** Suitable for professional DJ's, record shops, recording studios, vinyl record collectors, art collectors and cool record player owners.

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