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Richmond ‘Chief Commander’ started collecting vinyl records in the 1980s and has a particular interest in African music from Ghana. His music collection is both impressive and extensive covering Highlife music from as early as the 50s, and Afrobeat from the 70s right through to current trends.


Both a DJ and performer, Richmond was a drummer and dancer for the renowned Pan African dance group, Adzido in the 90s, touring all over the world. He currently leads the London based band, Yaaba Funk, performing energetic and pulsating sounds of funky African music.

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Richmond 'Chief Commander Yaaba'



Yaw Noir's interests in music began as a teenager in the mid-1980's during the rise of the reggae sound system culture in the UK. He was involved with several sound systems both as an MC and sound technician.

During the 90s Yaw expanded into the underground UK Jungle and Garage scenes, teaming up with his friend and acclaimed drum and bass producer Potential Bad Boy. Yaw later went onto DJ in London wine bars playing soulful house and broken beat, and more recently, has been live-streaming and festival gigging, playing Afro House.

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Nelson Makossa is a renowned DJ from the duo act Irmãos Makossa, which is based in Lisbon, Portugal. He is an avid vinyl record collector and has a particular interest in African music from the '60s through to the '80s.


Nelson Makossa has also been involved in African cultural events promoting art, cinema, and literature, and has DJed at festivals like FMM Sines, Boom Festival, Vodafone Mexefest, and the Africa Alive Festival (Frankfurt).


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