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Afromats - Our Story

Updated: May 20, 2018

It Started With A Sketch...

Afromats began with a simple idea in 2016 sketched on a small notebook whilst on a London train. Inspired by our love of collecting and playing African Vinyl Music, we wanted to create a slipmat worthy of our records to spin on. The sketch soon developed into our first Afromat, but it wasn't that easy.

As time passed by our ideas began to evolve and after many more sketches we finally produced our first Afromat.

What's so special about a slipmat?

Each Afromat has a bespoke design, hand drawn and then skilfully digitally reproduced. The design is then transferred onto the hand-made slipmat using the latest digital printing technologies, highest quality felt materials and vibrant colourful inks. This is what makes Afromats so beautiful and unique.

Your records are worth it !

We're working with artists around the world who are just as passionate as we are about art and vinyl music.

Afromats journey continues with a growing catalogue of beautiful designs.

You may catch sight of the original Afromats - They're around the world in clubs, record stores, studios and even home DJ setups.

...but only 50 of these original baby's were made due to a tight budget !

To all the well deserved few who have the original Afromats Thanks for all your support!

Afromats met with Wilson at the Irmaos Makossa party in Lisbon, Portugal. Immediately Wilson left an impression on us with his creativity, passion and love for African Music, in particular from Cape Verde & Guinea-Bissau. You really need to check these guys out at Celeste/Mariposa. Here's an example of What Celeste/Mariposa do - Amazing!

Afromats met with JaBIG at his London show @ Stage 3. He played a 4 - 5 hour set and just simply blew us away. He has an extensive library of mixes on YouTube covering Soulful & Afro House music...and more...'Top Draw'. JaBIG is a Class Act! Nice vibes here!

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