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'GHANA WE DEY COME' - A session for Edward - 24 June 2018 AT THE RITZY, BRIXTON

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Edward Ofosu was born in Ghana and moved to London over thirteen years ago. He paints rich, textural portraits that capture the individuality of his subjects in striking colour. However, now Edward is being treated like a criminal by a country to which he has contributed so much of his life’s work; a country who have already taken action to deport him.

Despite being an entirely self-taught artist, Edward has participated in a huge number of group exhibitions and art programs throughout the UK, and at a highly-distinguished level. This includes; the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year (2014 & 2017), The Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait (2015 & 2017), The Royal Society Of Portrait Painters (2009), and a prize-winning portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. Edward has also lead iPad Art workshops at the Apple Store in Covent Garden, The V&A Museum, The Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace and various other venues across the country. For those who do not yet know; Edward Ofosu is a renowned and well-established artist with works held in private collections across the UK, Europe and Africa.

In the past, Edward has often described his artistic vision as one of conveying an “inner journey”, of reckoning with a deeper sense of self, as he has sought to capture the unique spirit of his subjects in their portraits. However, now Edward is being forced to confront an outward journey that is altogether far deeper, darker and distressing than any inner demon – that is, his deportation.

In the wake of the Windrush scandal, the news of Edward’s forced expulsion from his home in this country is agonizingly all too familiar – and so his grief is one we all share. However, we are not here to suffer. We are not here to wallow or to grieve this loss quietly. We are here to make music; something now capable of heaving some joy through this pain. We recognise that in the artistry of African music, as in Edward’s own artwork, that happiness shines in spite of hardship, just as the sun shines despite the rains.

So, with this feeling in our hearts, Afromats are organising ‘Ghana WE DEY COME’, our fundraising event in honour of Edward Ofosu. The night will feature a collection of DJs and Artists who have all shared in the opportunity to work with Edward Ofosu or who have been painted by him, each showcasing their own mixes/artwork. On the night expect to see DJs Chief Commander Yaaba, AJ Kwame, Volta 45, plus live music from Afla Sackey and many more talented friends besides.

Please come and show your support!


Doors 7.30pm

Entry £5 minimum

When: JUNE 24, 2018 (19:30 - 23:00)

Where: Upstairs at the RITZY, Brixton Oval, SW2 1JG London, UK

Words: Ciaran O'Connell

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