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AFROMATS Exhibit 'Art on a Slip' at ASC Art House Croydon Open Studios

AFROMATS are a group of international DJs passionate about expressing their love of African music, art, culture, lifestyle and vinyl records. We are proud to announce our latest exhibition to be held at the ASC Arts House in Croydon.

Our unique 'Art on a Slip' project will be on display; a first of a kind aimed at expressing music and art in rotation, and showcasing the collaboration between DJs, Artists and their artwork on a unique medium called a Slipmat. The slipmat was iconic, used by DJs in nightclubs around the world to spin their vinyl records on, before the emergence of electronic format i.e. wav and mp3.

'Together' by artist, Edward Ofosu

There will also be other established and emerging artists work on display from Croydon and around the world. Come early and experience the vibrant energy of ASC Art House and their artists. There will be wine, refreshments and food available on the day, and you'll also be entertained by Afromats DJs spinning records collected from around the world.


For more information email us;

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