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AFM NEWSLETTER - Jan, Feb, Mar 2018

What are AFROMATS ?

Inspired by traditional Ankara designs and the colourful Kente cloth of Ghana, the creative minds behind Afromats are proud to present the first-ever range of vinyl record slipmats that sets African art in rotation, directly on your turntables.

There are a variety of attractive Afromats designs available

We are the first of our kind; the first to weave the fabrics of Africa, in all their mesmerising colour and beauty, into a professional-grade slipmat. Lovingly hand-made from premium polyester felt, these elegant yet durable designs are produced to the highest quality to ensure that when you slip this mat over the player and set it to spin, you can

hear the difference it makes.

Afromats are handmade from premium polyester felt

The soft polyester felt cushions the record against the surface of the turntable as it spins, reducing slippage and any excess noise or vibrations picked up by the stylus, which in turn improves the sound clarity and quality of your records. Our felt mats are favoured by DJs across the world, because they allow the record to be stopped, scratched, spun and seamlessly cued – all without damaging the delicate audio quality of your vinyl. Indeed, for any music lover who seeks the truest sound from their record collection, a slip-mat is a must-have; an audio necessity.

Here at Afromats, we understand the importance of getting the right care for your records and your record player. We believe our slipmats can provide the care your collection deserves, and in a way that not only sounds good but that is visibly stunning and unique. So that you can thread together the tightest mix in the club, or simply let your favourite records play out in the comfort of your own home; all upon a piece of art, inspired by Africa, and truly built to last.

Who are Afromats?

We are DJs and musicians. We are writers and artists. We hail from Ghana, Portugal, Angola, Ireland and the UK. We all share a passion for African music – for Afrobeat, Highlife, funaná, Kwaito, Afroboogie, and so on. For many of us, it is a part of our culture, our history and heritage. When we come together to create Afromats we are a part of that ongoing continuum – a beat that never stops – a tradition that continues to unfold and advance with every day. We channel our passion for African music and culture, not only into the artwork that you see woven into our slipmats, but also into a huge range of events in the UK and across Europe that support and showcase the music and the art form that we love.

Arrive at an Afromats’ gig and your first invitation is to dance; to let the music move you! We ask you to relax; allow your body to get loose and let the good times flow! Along the way, who knows, you may also come to experience the incredible influence of African music; the impact it has made upon all genres across the world; and the indelible funk that it breathes into your spirit as it lifts and let’s soar.

At a time when Afrobeat, like reggae, is fast becoming part of the globalised music scene, Afromats is pioneering those bridges between today’s music and the rhythms of Africa. Both classic in its respect for the roots of the genre, yet modern and forward-thinking in its reinvention of African art and music, Afromats hope to become an enduring force in the Afrobeat music of today.

What’s next?

Afromats at Pure Vinyl Records, Brixton - London

We are thrilled to have launched our new website. With the platform to reach out to the world around us, we have so much to share and there is so much more to come.

Look out for our weekly features showcasing the music and the artwork that is inspiring us right now, and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all our news.

In the meantime, we invite you to join us at one of our upcoming events. Visit our blog page for more information on Afromats in rotation near you

- Record Fares in London, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona and Italy

(more information to follow shortly)


- AFROMATS 1st Birthday Party ...more info

Afro/tropical grooves from around the globe

o Where: Music Box, Lisbon, Portugal

o When: Sat 21 st April 2018

o Time: 11:00pm – 06:00am

o Feature: 'Made on Afromats' (Exclusive Vinyl Set)

o DJs: Chief Commander Yaaba, Nelson Makossa, Max Soul & Mr T. Yaw Noir

Contact us on where to stay in Lisbon:


Written by

Ciaran O’Connell

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