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'SUN MASK' - Afromats Art Series Slipmats

Spring has finally sprung. Everyone loves the start of a new spring season because it brings longer sunnier days, warmer weather, and the fresh blooming of flowers. So, with the freshness of Spring in mind it's time to refresh your playlist and the art on your turntables.

The new 'Sun Mask' slipmats are perfect to add art to your turntables and refresh your Spring record collection. Choose from a range of exclusive designs inspired from the African Sun Mask by the Bwa people of Burkina Faso.

Sun Mask slipmat art for your turntables
Sun Mask 'Art on a Slip' slipmat series
Sun Mask slipmat art for your turntables
Sun Mask 'Art on a Slip' slipmat series
Slipmat Art for your Turntables
Afromats Sun Mask slipmat in motion

Th BWA people of Burkina Faso are prolific producers of art with a rich masking tradition that is still evolving and flourishing. BWAs are most recognised for their decorative patterns and repetition of shapes, and many of their masks are used in agricultural and fertility rites when sowing crops. These sun-shaped forms usually affirm the power of the sun, moon and cycles of nature.

The creation and history of the African Mask is one steeped in meaning and tradition. The art of carving the African mask was often taught to young men who were apprenticed to master carvers. In other cases, the art of making masks and sculptures to be used in spiritual ceremonies was passed down in families from one generation to the next. A Sun Mask was treasured for its spiritual quality, as opposed to its aesthetic appearance. People living in different parts of Africa would produce art unique to their own culture.

Sun Mask framed slipmat art
Sun Mask 'Art on a Slip' framed series

Hung on a wall or as a piece of art for your turntable, they are a unique decorative feature in any home, club or bar. Head to our Sun Mask Art Series page to purchase your own Sun Mask, or head to the see the full range of the Afromats Art Series.




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