Afromats - New 'Kalabash' collection, 2018

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

by Nelson Makossa Afromats Specials

KALABASH slipmat - Exclusive design by Afromats

Every now and again we stumble upon those classic gems; records that for one reason or another, we haven't played for a while. Recently, I experienced a truly magical moment when I picked out amongst my collection the album 'Kapuete Kamundanda' by Paulo Flores, which he recorded in the 80's when he was just 17. The album flows through a library of genuine classic Angolan sounds with sublime tracks like 'Cherry'.

Paulo Flores is one of the main references of traditional Angolan music called Semba.

With well over 30 years of performing on the road, his music is not only authentic, but also enthusiastically current with modern songs and collaborations like 'Mama Lele' and 'Makongo'. He continues to inspire new artists like Puto Português, Matias Damásio and Prodígio to mention a few and more recent styles of Angolan music like Kizomba.

So in the spirit of celebrating the classics forged with the modern era, Afromats have launched a new range of slipmats ready to spin on your record decks called 'KALABASH'. The KALABASH Afromat features the classic Ankara 'gramophone' pattern and transforms the design into a new array of interesting shapes and colours.

KALABASH Afromats are available on three base mat colours; black, yellow and brown.

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